I am a postdoctoral researcher at CMU working with Prof. Graham Neubig on natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs). I obtained my Ph.D. from The Ohio State University (OSU-NLP-Group), where I was trained by Prof. Huan Sun and Prof. Yu Su. I also collaborate closely with Prof. Wenhu Chen at University of Waterloo.

My research aims to understand and enhance the reasoning capabilities of LLMs while improving their responsibility and reliability.
  • Understanding and enhancing the reasoning capabilities of LLMs
  • Code Generation for autonomous programming and reasoning
  • Improving the responsibility of LLMs in areas such as privacy, robustness, and attribution.
  • LLMs for science and healthcare

Research Highlight

You might have heard of me because of the following recent work I led.
  • OpenCodeInterpreter: the open replication of OpenAI GPT-4 Code Interpreter to achieve SoTA on code generation tasks.
  • MMMU: the commonly used multimodal language model evaluation suite.
  • MAmmoTH: An open generalist math reasoning model to achieve SoTA in 2023.

What's New

Last Updated: 04/2024